Best Ultra Soft Bristle Toothbrush Manufacturers& Supplier in India

From the very beginning, we wanted to ensure that our consumers got a feel of the quality and value we are offering them. We made this possible by sourcing the latest machinery from around the world, advanced in all forms of reliability and technical excellence. These next generation equipment are from prestigious names like L&T, Ferromatic, Milacorn and Kinki Taiwan, all with the latest Servo technology

Every product that comes out of the assembly line goes through stringent quality checks across each stage of the manufacturing process. Products are monitored by a highly computerized system and manually as well. Before being dispatched, each brush is checked for the number of bristles, tuft retention and edge smoothness.

Another important aspect of our quality control is raw materials. It is sourced from leading global suppliers like DuPont, USA, a legend in high quality polymers since the industrial revolution. In all our products we use only premium quality DuPont bristles and 100% food grade material to ensure long lasting quality products for best results.