Best Ultra Soft Bristle Toothbrush Manufacturers& Supplier in India

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Ajay Tooth-Brush is one of the largest brand of Toothbrushes in India

Sensitive Offer Pack


MRP: 120.00 80.00

  • Made from premium DuPont Tynex bristles
  • Ultra soft bristles for Gentle care of Teeth & Gums
  • Rubber cushioned handle for easy grip, Comfort and Control
  • Sensitive Gum care like never before
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Complete Premium Toothbrush


MRP: 60.00 49.00

  • Made from premium DuPont bristles
  • A unique brush for complete care of your teeth and gums
  • Oval head with more bristles for better cleaning power
  • Rubberized handle for firm grip
  • Tongue cleaner
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